Special guest Tanya Godsey - Episode #358

September 30th, 2016
Special guest Tanya Godsey - Episode #358

Tanya Godsey is our VIP interview guest all hour talking about & sharing tracks from her brand new album Love Lines The Last Horizon.  We also sneak in songs by Jeremy Casella, Kerosene Halo, & The Oh Hellos.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Thus Always To Tyrants
    on Dear Wormwood
    by The Oh Hellos
  • We Are Your Song
    on Love Lines The Last Horizon
    by Tanya Godsey
  • Don’t You Weep When I Die
    on House On Fire
    by Kerosene Halo
  • Inside of Us
    on Nothing Less Than Everything
    by Tanya Godsey
  • Beautiful Place
    on Dearestly
    by Lauren Mann
  • Worth The War
    on Love Lines The Last Horizon
    by Tanya Godsey
  • I Am Not Leaving Now
    on Great Big Universe
    by Satellite Soul
  • Made For The Journey
    on Telling Time
    by Tanya Godsey
  • Jerusalem, Heavenly Home
    on Look To Jesus: Indelible Grace VII
    by Jeremy Casella
  • Then At Last (Psalm 32)
    on Psalms We Sing Together
    by Wendell Kimbrough
  • Watchmen
    on Love Lines The Last Horizon
    by Tanya Godsey

Producer Notes:

I can remember the first time I heard a song by Tanya Godsey.  It sticks with you.  It was 2013, shortly after her music was requested by a UTR listener.  The powerful piano melodies, compelling lyrics, and strong alto voice took me by surprise.  We've been playing her music on UTR ever since.  Tanya was a part of the Artist On The Rise Showcase at Escape To The Lake 2014... and of course we were a Kickstarter backer for her brand new project (releasing the same day as this podcast), Love Lines The Last Horizon.  I'm glad we did, because this is one of the best albums you will hear in 2016!  And it's fun on this show to dig a bit deeper into the making of the project. We are so happy that Tanya is our third-to-last interview guest on the UTR radio show!  (Dave)

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