Live Exclusives - Episode #300

January 23rd, 2015
Live Exclusives - Episode #300

For our milestone 300th episode, we share never-before-heard live UTR exclusive tracks by Burlap To Cashmere, Andrew Osenga, Jill Phillips, and many more.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Nehemiah (Build A Wall)
    on Burlap To Cashmere
    by Burlap To Cashmere
  • The Veil
    on Made From Scratch
    by Julie Lee
  • In The Night
    on Counting Stars
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Song In My Branches
    on Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me
    by Levi Weaver
  • Far Kingdom
    on Fire & Stone
    by The Gray Havens
  • With Every Act of Love
    on Love Will Have The Final Word
    by Jason Gray
  • Set Me Free
    on Soul EP
    by Andrew Osenga
  • A Bed of My Own
    on Echo Boom
    by The Farewell Drifters
  • A Lot Like Me
    on The Good Things
    by Jill Phillips
  • Fighting For Life
    on Birds of Relocation
    by Eric Peters
  • Shut De Do
    on Equator
    by Randy Stonehill

Producer Notes:

I love celebrating milestones.  And we almost never made it to show 300, so this is worth a hearty celebration indeed.  We have played live tracks before, but mostly just from the studios at our old location.  But for this show, I wanted to feature live tracks from a variety of UTR events.  So you'll hear some songs from the old studios, some from the Escape To The Lake main stage, some from the 2014 UTR Showcase at The Rutledge, and some from our Second Launch Concert last November.  On the production side, these shows with live music are a bit of a chore to put together - sometimes importing a 3-hour concert file into a project to just scour through to find one particular song.  But I'm really proud of the finished product and it was worth the effort.  Thanks for being a part of our journey for these last 300 episodes!  (Dave)

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