Interview Guest Levi Weaver - Episode #314

May 8th, 2015
Interview Guest Levi Weaver - Episode #314

We continue UTR's "Interview Month" with critcally-acclaimed songwriter Levi Weaver - who talks about his latest concept album, his biggest surprise as a musician, and how he defines "good art." Plus we get a bunch of listener requests, including 3 artists making their UTR debut.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Pitchers
    on Lost In You
    by Hannah Beck
  • Citadel
    on Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me
    by Levi Weaver
  • White Flag
    on White Flag
    by Brettan Cox
  • The Best Defense (is to be offensive)
    on The Letters of Dr. Kurt Godel
    by Levi Weaver
  • In A Heartbeat
    on This Marvelous Grief
    by Besides Daniel
  • Song In My Branches
    on Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me
    by Levi Weaver
  • Olive Squeeze
    on Balla Dear
    by Balla Dear
  • Rogue Boat [LIVE @ BTGMI]
    on One Man Band
    by Levi Weaver
  • Gone
    on The Anchor & The Sail
    by Jessica Campbell
  • Come Clean
    on See Inside
    by Out of the Grey
  • (I’m Glad) Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me
    on Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me
    by Levi Weaver

Producer Notes:

Levi Weaver's music is not safe for the whole family - which is one reason why I love it.  It's raw, honest, dark, hopeful, and haunting.  He doesn't like to identify himself with "Christian music" (I don't blame him), yet he is a genuine Believer who is working out his doubts, struggles, hurt, and hope through his songs.  It's this kind of avante garde personality that led he and his wife to sell all their posessions and live full time on the road in a Winnebago with two young children for a full year.  If you like interesting, thought-provoking, emotionally-moving music from a Christian worldview (yet void of Christian cliche), then Levi Weaver is a guy you should know.  I hope this conversation is a great entry point for you.  We're also excited to share three UTR debut artists this week, thanks to your requests: Besides Daniel, Brettan Cox, and Hannah Beck.  (Dave)

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