Episode #26

May 8th, 2009

Dave is spinning some of the most thoughtful & artistic tunes from Christian musicians.  This week includes tunes from Rosie Thomas, Brandon Heath, Mark Heard, and a guy who's been called "one of today's most consistently substantial songwriters."

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • The Ballad of Sophie
    on Peace and Love
    by Tommy Sims
  • About Midnight
    on Where The Past Meets Today
    by Sarah Kelly
  • Sweet Love
    on Mending the Meaning EP
    by Esterlyn
  • 10,000 Children
    on Me + You + The World
    by Dave Barnes
  • Wander Below
    on Wrestling Angels
    by Grover Levy
  • Why Waste More Time
    on These Friends of Mine
    by Rosie Thomas
  • Control (Live)
    on Flesh and Bones Electric Fun
    by Mute Math
  • Wait and See
    on What if We
    by Brandon Heath
  • Lover (Live)
    on The House Show
    by Derek Webb
  • A Broken Man
    on Satellite Sky
    by Mark Heard
  • Beautiful, Beautiful
    on My Paper Heart
    by Francesca Battistelli
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