Episode #251 - All Listener Request: Part 1

September 27th, 2013
Episode #251 - All Listener Request: Part 1

One of the best parts of Under the Radar is discovering music through YOU, our listeners. This week we use all listener requests - hear Green River Ordinance, Jenny & Tyler, Eric Peters, & a world premiere track by Melanie Penn!

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • The Vow
    on I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry, I Love You
    by Derek Webb
  • Ivory Black
    on Ivory Black - Single
    by Seryn
  • Squeeze
    on Scarce
    by Eric Peters
  • Pull Up a Chair
    on Pull Up a Chair
    by Nathan Clark George
  • The Well Song
    on The Little Boat EP
    by Chelsey Scott
  • Courage to Believe
    on M - EP
    by Justin McRoberts
  • Hope Tonight Turnaround
    on Hope Tonight
    by Melanie Penn
  • Better Love
    on Chasing Down The Wind
    by Green River Ordinance
  • Shine Your Light On Me
    on The Lost Boy Demos
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Wait for the Sun
    on Goldie's Last Day
    by PFR
  • This Isn't a Dream
    on Live at Studio A
    by Jenny & Tyler
  • Walking This
    on Young Love Remix - EP
    by Kye Kye
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