Episode #215 - Top Gourmet Albums of 2012

December 28th, 2012

This is truly a feast to be savored as UTR's critics have cast their votes and come up with a TOP 11 Gourmet Albums of 2012 list - all featured on this weeks highly anticipated episode.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • Collide
    on Lights of Distant Cities
    by Bebo Norman
  • Voices
    on Birds of Relocation
    by Eric Peters
  • Waking Up Dead
    on Land of The Living
    by Matthew Perryman Jones
  • Build Your Kingdom Here
    on Homemade Worship by Handmade People
    by Rend Collective Experiment
  • Little Balloon
    on Open Your Doors
    by Jenny & Tyler
  • Take Me to Your Side
    on Wounded Healer
    by The Followers
  • The Last Supper
    on The Loving Kind
    by Cindy Morgan
  • Close My Eyes
    on The Fourth Wall
    by The Vespers
  • Lament
    on Heart
    by Audrey Assad
  • Mystic
    on No Man's Land
    by Charlie Peacock
  • Hold On, Boy
    on Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut
    by Andrew Osenga
  • Carry the Fire
    on Light for the Lost Boy
    by Andrew Peterson
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