Episode #197 - All Listener Requests

August 3rd, 2012

We put our playlist into the hands of UTR listeners.  We'll enjoy hand-picked music by Jill Phillips, Zach Williams, and a debut of the band SHEL.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • The House
    on The Sleeping House
    by Cool Hand Luke
  • You'll Find Your Way
    on Light for the Lost Boy
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Camel
    on Go, and Sell All of Your Things
    by Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets
  • The Door
    on Nobody's Got It All Together
    by Jill Phillips
  • James
    on Story Time
    by Zach Williams
  • Fear is Easy, Love is Hard
    on A Way To See In The Dark
    by Jason Gray
  • Fight to Keep
    on Monsters Calling Home - EP
    by Monsters Calling Home
  • Iscariot
    on Quill
    by The Last Bison
  • Grand Canyon
    on Angels of Mercy
    by Susan Ashton
  • Lazarus
    on Broken Voice
    by My Epic
  • When The Dragon Came Down
    on When the Dragon Came Down
    by SHEL
Comments (1)

Great episode.  Looking forward to Sara Groves next week.

Jeff C 02:06 PM Fri, Aug 03, 2012

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