Episode #196 - Story Behind the Song

October 25th, 2013
Episode #196 - Story Behind the Song

We're bursting at the seams this week with ELEVEN guest artists sharing the stories behind their songs.

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Light
    on Here Among Us
    by Jaron & Katherine Kamin
  • Time Enough
    on Julie Lee & The Baby Daddies
    by Julie Lee
  • Believe Me
    on Rocks Into Rivers
    by Seabird
  • Hold On
    on All These Things
    by Melody Olson
  • Today Dream
    on Birds of Relocation
    by Eric Peters
  • Decision
    on Over Oceans
    by Josh Garrels
  • How Precious Life Is
    on Reinventing the Wheel
    by Andy Gullahorn
  • It's Not Getting Any Easier
    on Sailing Alone Around the World
    by David Story
  • Jubilee
    on Bluebird
    by Randall Goodgame
  • Jim Morrison's Grave
    on I Predict 1990
    by Steve Taylor
  • Train
    on Wake Up Love
    by Melanie Penn
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