Episode #170 - Valentine’s Love Song Special

February 14th, 2012

It's not a box of chocolates, but we hope this bonus podcast of 60+ minutes of "gourmet love songs" is a worthy Valentine's Day present.  Enjoy deep & artistic love songs by Matt Wertz, Seabird, JJ Heller, Jon Troast, and over a dozen more.

Songs Played in This Episode (18)
  • If Not For You
    on Ampersand
    by Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken
  • Where The Road Meets The Sun
    on Where The Road Meets The Sun - single
    by Katie Herzig & Matthew Perryman Jones
  • Falling In Love
    on Something Like This
    by Ben Rector
  • We'd Be Good For Us
    on A Person & A Heart
    by Jon Troast
  • Baby Tomorrow
    on Chasing Someday
    by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
  • You Would Love Me Too
    on Painted Red
    by JJ Heller
  • Young Dumb and In Love
    on Young Love
    by Mat Kearney
  • Reverie
    on Bluebird
    by Randall Goodgame
  • So We Never Got to Paris
    on Gravity
    by Out of the Grey
  • Someone Like You
    on Weights & Wings
    by Matt Wertz
  • Rule the World
    on The Learner
    by Griffin House
  • Warm Heart in a Cold World
    on Stories to Tell
    by Dave Barnes
  • The One You Love
    on In This Hour
    by Jill Phillips
  • One Eyed Cat
    on This Isn't A Dream
    by Jenny & Tyler
  • When Did You Fall
    on S-Disc Feb. 06
    by Chris Rice
  • Melody
    on Flesh On Steel
    by Isobelle Gunn
  • Holding Out for a Hero
    on Playing Favorites
    by Tara Leigh Cobble
  • The Sound of You and I
    on Rocks Into Rivers
    by Seabird
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The Out of the Grey song is very classy! Well played UTR

besure 05:00 PM Tue, Feb 14, 2012

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