Episode #143 First-Time UTR Appearances

August 12th, 2011

This week's full of first time appearances including Aaron Shust, The Running Back, The City Harmonic & more.

Songs Played in This Episode (12)
  • I Am
    on Introducing the City Harmonic
    by The City Harmonic
  • It Goes On
    on One Good Day
    by Paige Lewis
  • Thunder Roll
    on Dave and Jess Ray
    by Dave and Jess Ray
  • The Spoils of Warring Hearts
    on With Trembling
    by The Walla Recovery
  • Heartbeat
    on Carousel Rogues
    by Carousel Rogues
  • Mercy Seat
    on Blue Belly Sky
    by The Waiting
  • Kingdom
    on Kingdom
    by Micah Massey
  • For Your Goodness
    on Grace
    by Joe Day
  • Blinded
    on EP
    by The Running Back
  • Come to Me
    on Whispered and Shouted
    by Aaron Shust
  • Cars
    on Rhymes & Riddles, Cartwheels & Cars
    by Evie Haskell
  • You Are Mine
    on Found Among the Broken
    by John Ball
Comments (1)

Had to go check out more Dave and Jess Ray and The Walla Recovery after hearing them on this week’s show.

I really like the Paige Lewis song.  I found it a while ago on Noisetrade.  In fact, I’ve seen a lot of these artists on Noisetrade.  That seems to be a really good forum for new artists.

Jeff C 10:09 AM Fri, Aug 12, 2011

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