Episode #107

November 23rd, 2010

Since we're celebrating UTR's 2nd anniversary this week, Dave shares nearly 80-minutes of music (a new UTR record!) that truly WOW'ed him these last 24 months.  Some of the stand-out songs are from Kate Hurley, Eric Peters, Matt Papa, Julie Lee, and many more.

Songs Played in This Episode (17)
  • Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates
    on Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1
    by Andrew Osenga
  • I Am The Deep Blue Sea
    on We Both Was Young
    by Mark Mathis
  • Hero
    on The Long Fall Back to Earth
    by Jars of Clay
  • Resurrection
    on The Good Things
    by Jill Phillips
  • Instead of a Show
    on Summer EP
    by Jon Foreman
  • Reality Came Crashing Down
    on Chrome
    by Eric Peters
  • Forgive Yourself
    on Will There Really Be a Morning
    by Julie Lee
  • The Time is Now
    on Heaven and Earth
    by Phil Wickham
  • Redemption
    on American Recordings
    by Johnny Cash
  • Sylvester
    on Arkadelphia
    by Randall Goodgame
  • Woe To You
    on Your Kingdom Come
    by Matt Papa
  • All You'll Ever Need
    on Resurrection Letters, Vol. 2
    by Andrew Peterson
  • Done Living
    on Deconstruction
    by Justin McRoberts
  • Everything Sad is Coming Untrue
    on Everything Sad is Coming Untrue
    by Jason Gray
  • You Are Not Alone
    on Sleeping When You Woke Me
    by Kate Hurley
  • Write One
    on Peace and Love
    by Tommy Sims
  • Cathedral Made of People
    on Ending is Beginning
    by Downhere
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