Creative Worship with guest Aaron Strumpel - Episode #309

March 27th, 2015
Creative Worship with guest Aaron Strumpel - Episode #309

We're seeking out the really passionate, artistic, and organic praise and worship music.  Plus we'll be interviewing Aaron Strumpel about his new album "Bright Star."

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens
    on I Must Find You
    by Young Oceans
  • Hosanna
    on Chair & Microphone, Vol. 2
    by Aaron Strumpel
  • Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above
    on Hymns & Sacred Songs
    by Leigh Nash
  • Bright Star
    on Bright Star
    by Aaron Strumpel
  • Trees
    on Welcome Home
    by Stevie Lujan
  • I Don’t Know
    on January Journal
    by Aaron Strumpel
  • Anchor Our Hearts
    on Songs from the Book of Ephesians
    by The Journey Collective
  • Spark My Heart
    on Bright Star
    by Aaron Strumpel
  • This Ring
    on Chair & Microphone, vol. 4
    by Tim Coons
  • Angels Sing
    on Follow The Narrow
    by Clear
  • You’re The One
    on Fourth Circle
    by Enter The Worship Circle

Producer Notes:

Sometimes hearing the phrase "praise and worship" makes the hair stand up on my neck.  Christian radio has done no favors for a genre that should be leading the charge in the way it reflects a very creative God.  We have found some really good worship songs to celebrate this week.  Indie artist and worship leader Aaron Strumpel has been writing passionate songs of praise for years, and he's our VIP guest to talk about his music and the concept of worship overall.  This is a perfect soundtrack for your Palm Sunday weekend!  (Dave)

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