Best Songs of 2014 (so far) - Episode #284

June 27th, 2014
Best Songs of 2014 (so far) - Episode #284

We'd like to tell you this is the BEST music released so far in 2014, but maybe you should decide for yourself!

Songs Played in This Episode (11)
  • My Sweet Lord
    on Neon Steeple (Deluxe Edition)
    by Crowder
  • Transistor Resistor
    on The Whistles & The Bells
    by The Whistles and The Bells
  • Borrowed Clothes
    on Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me
    by Levi Weaver
  • Great Are You Lord
    on All Sons & Daughters
    by All Sons & Daughters
  • Until You Provide
    on Heart EP - EP
    by Andrew Osenga
  • The World You Want
    on Fading West
    by Switchfoot
  • The Pain That Plagues Creation
    on Eye of the Storm
    by Mark Heard
  • You Brought Me Back to Life
    on You Brought Me Back to Life - Single
    by Citizens
  • Hosanna
    on Lent to Maundy Thursday
    by Page CXVI
  • Monsters Calling Home
    on Run River North
    by Run River North
  • Let Us Run
    on Let Us Run
    by Arthur Wachnik
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